Why have a manual on bird netting?

Vine Nets Australia is a privately owned company, distributing bird netting throughout Australia, and we specialise in providing the highest possible standard of netting and service to the viticulture industry. With many years experience with netting and meeting customer’s needs, the management has become increasingly concerned over the lack of information in the marketplace and the vulnerability of some people who place their trust in netting suppliers to guide them in recommending the product most suitable to their requirements.

Netting has many confusing characteristics that are not easily measured or understood, ie stretched length verses stretched width etc.

Consequently, to assist growers in purchasing Vine Nets, and to ensure they receive the correct product for their needs, Vine Nets Australia has produced this manual to help answer some of the most common questions.

From estimating, purchasing and installation to storage, this manual endeavours to answer those questions. If you have experience with netting, there will be old ground revisited and if you are new to the netting game, it will give you some of the knowledge required to assist in making the important choices.

Bird netting is an important investment, which may yield great returns if correct decisions are made initially.

To get a free PDF copy of the manual please email us at sales@vinenetsaustralia.com.au 

We hope you find this manual beneficial and will appreciate any feedback you may wish to offer. We would also like to opportunity to supply you with your netting needs and if you have any queries once you have read the manual, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 677 757.